Which F!rosh Group are YOU?

One of the best things about F!rosh Week is being able to hang out, bond and do insane things with your F!rosh Group! Each group comprises of over 40 Frosh, not to mention dozens of upper year Leedurs, and ofcourse, your two Head Leedurs, who will lead your group through the epic journey that is F!rosh Week.

Each group is unique in their own crazy ways, from their group cheers, different Leedurs and Head Leedurs. But one thing is for sure, be prepared to be pushed out of your comfort zones and have some SERIOUS fun.

When you purchase your F!rosh kit you will be randomly placed in one of 15 different groups. Take a look at what our Head Leedurs have to say about their F!rosh groups!

  • α



    As your ALPHA male and ALPHA female leedurs (see what we did there?) we are dedicated to make this group the awesomest and craziest group ever for Frosh Week 1T1 and we want you..YES YOU to be part of this amazing experience by BEING IN OUR GROUP!!

    So why should you join us?

    1. A is for ALPHA. We're group alpha. Seriously. ALPHA. The beginning. Meaning, we're number one. Pretty self explanatory.
    2. Layan Kutob: A 5 foot 3 Middle Eastern female genie in the form of a human being! Not only will she make all your wishes come true but also she will teach you how to ride a flying carpet! Isn't that exotic and unique? Won't it make you stand out and ensure you're number one amongst your fellow froshies?
    3. Terrence Lau: Basically an awesome guy who's main goal is to etch the awesomeness of frosh week into your psyches. AS WELL, HE LIKES TO TYPE IN CAPS LOCKS BECAUSE HONESTLY WHO DOESN'T.
    4. Alphameter: this is a measure of your energy, craziness, loudness and fun. In our team you're going to max it out by getting spirited up by our awesome cheers, activities and people
    5. It's your chance to make your mark in SKULE history! So couple years from now you can tell the whole world that you were part of the BEST Frosh Weeks in the world with the BEST team in the world, Alpha.
    6. So join us and get ready for an amazing week!!
    Alpha-ly yours,
    Terrence Lau and Layan Kutob
  • β


    Look at your F!rosh Group, now back to Beta, now back to- OLD MEME IS OLD!!!! Beta don't waste yo time with old memes! and we don't waste your time with paragraphs, BUT WE DO TALK IN CAPS!!!


    If this is what your looking for, the I do believe good ladies and sirs, that you want to join BETA!!!!...

    JOIN BETA! you say? but why?...

    WHY?!?! Because if you had ONE day left on earth, you would want to make it count, and if you have ONE round left in your magnum, and the infected are charging after you with energy swords, you would want to make that last headshot...

    So just Remember, Your only a F!rosh ONCE, which means your only going to experience F!rosh Week as a F!rosh once, WHY NOT make it count?


    P.S. Check us out on Facebook, and don't be shy, add us and ask us questions!
    P.S.S. Were also both really really good looking :)
  • Γ


    FROM THE CREATORS OF THE HULK, LEUKEMIA, CREATED BY THE BIG BANG, WE PRESENT TO YOU "GAMMA"!!!!! Just like on the EM Spectrum, we have the most energy!!!! Moving from place to place decimating everything in our path, be a part of the biggest, baddest, bi-winning f!rosh group to date!!! We got all the hookups in chem, mech, mse, and most importantly, SUDS!!! You know you want to come to gamma!!! looking for friends/hookups/advice/shortcuts? WE GOT YOU COVERED!!!! when frosh week hits, be a part of GAMMA,IT'LL BE A BLAST!!! did i forget to mention how good looking we are?!?!?!

  • Δ


    A long time ago on a campus far, far away…


    Episode I

    The F!rosh Wars

    The coming Skule year has broguht with it civil unrest. F!rosh groups struggle for dominance in spectacular shows of spirit, bravery, intelligence, and enthusiasm. Adorned hardhats, ornamented capes, and gleaming swords set aside during the academic year have been shaken of dust and brandished once again by leedurs ready for battle.

    Try as they might, only the fresh essence of new recruits can provide F!rosh groups enough power to gain dominance and finally bring CHANGE to this never ending cycle of war. For this reason, F!rosh are in dangerously high demand. The group that each F!rosh ought to join will be assigned, but it is their will that ultimately makes the final decision.

    For this reason, we welcome you to the most elite team of insane, fun-loving, hardhat protecting, loud cheering engineers on campus: we welcome you to DELTA Squadron.

    Got questions? Find us on Facebook.

  • Κ


    JOIN THE most KicK-ass, KicK-butt, rule-breaKing, rule-maKing, breathtaKing, sKariest, graVity defYing, beEr chuGGing, rUm dRinking, integRating, purPle dyiNg, artScI HatIng, nUrSe LoVing, riSk takiNg, LiFe chaNging, biwinNing group EVERRRRR. We (your amazing, outrageously goodlooking, blindingly awesome Heed Leedurs CELINE KO & ISHAN GUPTA) want YOU (yes, you) to JOIN KAPPA.

  • Λ


    Are you ready for the most awesome week of your life? Want to be part of the sexiest Frosh group EVER? Become a LAMBDA and you will take part in the most artsci-trashing, charity-busking, and frosh-purplefying of all F!rosh groups. Join LAMBDA for the most action-packed, intensity-filled frosh week of all time!!!!

  • μ



    You're currently at the subsection for Mu. Great! You're awesome. Feel free to stay a while! Mmm. Seems we're forgetting something. AH! Our apologies:

    You're currently on the subpage for *the-dopest-most-hype-instilling-sickest-of-all-time-and-most-ill-though-not-ill-like-an-ailment-ill-more-like-THE-GREATEST-GROUP-YOU-COULD-EVER-BE-A-PART-OF-and-most-wonderous-time-you-could-ever-have-as-a-F!rosh-but-more-than-any-F!rosh-because-you-will-be-revered-as-part-of-the-most-legendary-group-that-leaves-an-everlasting-impression-on-people-THAT'S-RIGHT-WE-ABOUT-TO-CHANGE-THE-GAME………group called Mu :

    Sound like an EPIC time? You'd be correct. Very correct.

    Still not convinced? This is what you'd be missing out on if you passed up on the chance to be a Mu F!rosh:

    • Swag - in a tangible forms.
    • The chance to be surrounded by awesome people: the head leedurs of Mu, Nicole and Ajay, aim to make F!rosh *week* into a F!rosh *experience* for any person who is involved

    Mu is good, Mu is great, MU IS GONNA MUTILATE!

  • Ν


    Hey, F!rosh!

    This year we're bringing back F!ROSH week, in a completely NU way. Not the same 'ole from the past, but a futuristic brand-spankin new level of AWESOMENESS. A NU Level of Insane-Im-Going-Crazy-Too-Much-To-Handle F!roshness!!

    What can you expect from NU???

    We're redefining Awesomeness. We're bringing the never before seen, behind the scenes, unrated, uncut, unspoken version.

    We're REINVENTING F!rosh Week. That means NU songs, NU Cheers, and NU levels of F!roshness.

    We're revolutionizing F!rosh. We're revolving, evolving, devolving(when necessary), NUvolving the meaning of F!ROSH, the essence of NU-LIFE.

    Insanity is our code. We're the offspring of Travis Pastrana's Adrenaline Rush, mixed with Charliee Sheen's Tigerblood, with a bit of Chuck Kick-Ass Noris.

    Simply put, this year's NU is gonna be freakin F!roshtastic! So join us, the chosen few, to make this happen. Join us and we guarantee you you'll have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE!

    We want YOU to join our CREW and be a NU!

  • Ο


    Ladies and Gentlemen, please give it up for the TTC booth filling, Olympics winning, cheer creating, artsie bed defacing, loudest matriculating, downtown walking, fountain stalling, mayor bashing, Ryerson crashing, BEvERage stashing, F!rosh testing, stolen shoe cashing, canon saluting, UofT rooting, farm drinking, scunt record breaking, full body dying, no we did not steal this idea from the LGMB while writting, greatest F!rosh group ever...Omicron 1T1.

    For those of you who haven't heard the awesome news, Omicron 1T1 is going to be headed up by the fantastic duo of Matthew Wu and Michael Manning. Our goal is to make this the most epic F!rosh week ever and this means that we are going to need the most epic team of F!rosh ever assembled. So if you are the type of Engineer whose purple tiger blood contains only the purest Adonis DNA, rides in fighter jets made of biceps, has weekly "who has the most balls" contests with Chuck Norris, or contemplates philoso-(raptor)-phy while flipping Jack Daniels bacon, then we want you. Until then, haters be warned Omicron's gonna get it on this F!rosh week.

    Matthew Wu and Michael Manning,
    Omicron 1T1
  • π


    (tune of "Sweet Child O' Mine")

    We're so sweet 'cos our name is Pi

    We've got infinite digits which makes us irrationally limitless

    Come September 5th we are the place to be

    We got leedurs that are so outrageous

    They'll jump up and down, their smiles contagious

    Remember that time we smashed up a Honda for charity?

    Whoaa oh oh join Pi! Whoa oh oh not the other guys

    Shout out to the chems, civs, mechs, indys, ECEs, Nscis and MSEs of 1T5! You've made it to the funnest place on earth. We pi-rates will be cheer-leedurs, bnad-leedurs (you'll love our marching bnad!) and Don't-Stop-Belie-durrs from September 5th all the way into midterms. Tell us to drop our pants!...and maybe more...And join us on facebook: the "We Are PI: Vuuboo Skule 2011" group.

    Fear us. Take the sine of us. Join us. PI PI PI-PI-PI. 3.14159. OUR BRAINS ARE HUGE OUR ASS IS FINE. 3.14159

  • Σ


    Who: SUM amazingly articulated, culturally convoluted, racially receptive, incredibly intelligent, supremely superior, bombastically beautiful, politically persuasive F!rosh leedurs led by a Chunky Monkey (Chunkei Tang) and Smelly Hick (Kelly Bryck)

    What: The SUMmation of all other F!rosh groups, who will lead you to the SUMmit of F!rosh success.

    Where: SUMwhere over the rainbow, where troubles melt like lemon drops, where PI is served up a la mode, where MU is MUtilated, where TAU is TAUght a lesson, where ALPHA is turned into ALPHAbet soup, where GAMMA and BETA radiate the crap out of each other, where OMNICRON struggles to find anything to rhyme with it, and where we wave goodbye to LAMBDA.

    When: SUMtime at the end of SUMmer and at the beginning of SUMthing great...your engineering ADVENTURE

    How: Do you really need to ask? By signing up for SIGMAAAAAAAA

  • τ


    BAM! An EXPLOSION (-osion...osion...osion...osion) of F!roshy goodness. Do you take part in this sea of pure awesome? Of course you do, you're an engineer! Where do the best of the best go? Do you need to ask?

    TAU! HO-RA!

    Are you ready for (Old spice voice) the mind-blasting, outrageous, wicked, epic, fantabulistic, bodacious, beautiful, ginormous, blue and gold, cheer-full, crazy, deafening, delicious, diZzying, ENERGETIC, enthusiastic, world dominating, FALCON PUNCHING, exuberant, jaw dropping, fast paced, fierce, filthy (in the best of ways), frantic, hilarious, HOT, game changing, juicy, awesomely good looking leedurs, magnificent, MaMMoth, mighty, mysterious, naughty ? obnoxious, unforgettable, goomba stomping, proud, PURPLE dying, rapid fire, buffalo buffalo buffalo; robust, rough, splendid, sticky, tasty, thirsty, Eaton's Center crashing, ,thundering, victorious, vivacious, witty, wonderful, zany, supercalafragalisticexpialidocious week of your life? Did you just read that entire sentence in one breath?

    We did.

    Join us in our epic quest to defeat the evil empire of artsy's, and reclaim the galaxy.

    Give us a shout on the wall, or email us at bow2tau@gmail.com

    Bow to Tau!

    F!roshly yours,
  • Φ


    fe PHI fo fum

    40 beers and a barrel of rum

    Godiva's spirit roams the halls

    Legend lives inside these walls

    fe PHI fo fum

    BFC: Disrupto Ergo Sum

    Guard the cannon: be a badass

    Joyn teh Bnad and crash a class

    fe PHI fo fum

    Hit the books, don't be a lazy bum

    Be you Mech or be you Min

    UofT Eng is a win

    fe PHI fo fum

    Arts and Science: U SO DUMB

    OMGWTFBBQ may seem dense

    But we all know it's common sense

    fe PHI fo fum

    All other F!rosh groups are purple scum

    Alpha's early, Omega's last


  • Ψ


    Psi, probably the most involved greek letter in your life, is EVERYWHERE during F!rosh week. You let out a psi(gh) of relief when you finish an exam, you'll psi(gh) when you finally get to go to sleep at night after finishing an entire day of F!rosh, and you'll psi(gh) with us, Bridget and Rachelle, as we satisfy you all week long. This F! Week we're going to see some psi(ghts), set off some psi(rens) and be anything but psi(lent). Come one, come all and join Psi for some satisfying fun and make this group huge - remember, psi(ze) matters.

  • Ω


    Omega may be the last letter of the Greek alphabet, but it's the first in Engineering spirit. It's also the symbol for Oxygen - the source of energy, power and all that good stuff. Breathe in. You are standing in the middle of Front Campus, screaming at the top of your lungs for your team to cross the finish line in the three-legged race. Breathe out. You are scooping up a hardhat full of cold water in the middle of Nathan Phillips Square. Breathe in, and meet your best friends for the next four years. Breathe out, and you're suddenly part of something incredible.

    Amanda ("Booster") Bell and Kunal "(BrownTown)" Taneja bring you Team Omega. Breathe in the good stuff. Say Ohm.