Get suited up!

Your ticket to F!rosh week. Your very own hardhat. A collection of super awesome swag you'll hold onto long after you graduate. You're probably looking to purchase one, which is good, because you've come to the right place!

Each F!rosh kit includes:
  • Access to ALL events
  • Your own Hardhat
  • One Skule Towel
  • One lanyard
  • One water bottle
  • One Skule clipboard
  • One F!rosh t-shirt
  • One U of T-shirt
  • One F!rosh Nite ticket
  • One Skule Book
  • One ticket to Skule Nite
  • One U of T Laundry Bag
And much much more!!!

F!rosh Kit Add-ons

Commuter Program

If you're worried about commuting hours to and from home during this awesome event, and thus missing out on some of the greatness that is F!rosh week, then Commuter Program might be for you.

We know TTC and GO hours can be a pain so, for a small fee, the Commuter Program will provide you with a place to stay for the week, and even breakfast! Commuter Program is also a great place to get to know some of your upper years, and you'll be with a bunch of other F!rosh as well.

Build Friendships that last, have extended F! week madness and forget about your commuting for a week!

Hart House Farm

Definately the coolest way to end F!rosh week, this is an overnight trip to the legendary Hart House Farm near Caledon, ON. It's a super-great value, all food, lodging, and awesome times are included! Play sports, go swimming, watch a movie, hang out with your friends by a camp-fire, or just enjoy the great outdoors, it's all there at Hart House Farm!

How to purchase your F!rosh kit

Register Online

Register online and then pay with paypal, cash or cheque. Remember to print your receipt!

Order your F!rosh kit

F!rosh Kit Prices (when/where registration is available):

F!rosh Kit Early Bird $95.00

F!rosh Kit + Hart House Farm Early Bird $120.00

F!rosh Kit + Commuter Program $180.00

F!rosh Kit + Hart House Farm + Commuter Program $200.00

Paying with Cash or Cheque

After registering, you can pay for your kit by dropping by the EngSoc office all summer with cash or cheque. You can also pay in cash on the morning of the first day - just make sure to get there early!

B740 Sandford Fleming Building

10 King's College Road

Toronto ON

Canada M5S 3G4


Monday - Thursday: 9:00am - 4:30pm

Friday: 9:00am - 3:00pm

Saturday - Sunday: closed

Bursary Program

F!rosh Week 1T1 awards several bursaries every year for students who qualify for OSAP. If you wish to apply for F!rosh Kit Bursary, you should first purchase your kit, and then download the form below and email the completed form it to by August 21, 2011 11:59pm. The bursaries will be given by the Scholarships & Financial Aid Office based on needs of applicants.

Note: not everyone who applies gets the bursary.

Bursary Form