What is F!rosh Week?

F!rosh week is the first week of the academic year at a university, and is accompanied by a wide range of social events are held to help orient and welcome new students.

Why Should I go?

Simply because F!rosh Week will be the bestest most awesome time you'll have at SKULE! Also it's a great way to make friends right off the bat and get to know the campus!

What is a F!rosh Kit?

It's both a collection of handy stuff that you should own and your admission to F!rosh Week. It is strongly advised that you purchase one.

Where do I get my F!rosh kit?

Have paypal account or credit card ready and simply click on the button above! There's an early-bird price, but you can also pay cash on the first day if you prefer. The rest should be self explanatory.

What is IN a F!rosh Kit?
  • Access to ALL events
  • Your own Hardhat
  • One Skule Towel
  • One lanyard
  • One water bottle
  • One skule clipboard
  • One pair of flipflops
  • One frosh t-shirt
  • One F!rosh Nite ticket
  • One Skule Book (The Engineering yearly book)
  • One ticket to Skule Nite (the engineering comedy revue)
  • One laundry bag
  • And much much more!!!
Do I have to buy a kit?

If you want to participate in F!rosh Week, then yes. The profits from the kit allow us to pay for all the crazy stuff you will get to do. It is worth it. Plus it is a memento of your entrance to the greatest university in Canada!

Lots of the stuff we have planned for you costs money. We tried growing money, but it hasn't worked out yet. So we conned some retailers into selling us cool stuff at rock bottom prices, and in turn are selling it to you at a marginal profit. Remember that our F!rosh kits are both the biggest and the cheapest on campus.

What is the difference between signing up and purchasing a F!rosh kit?

Nothing. By signing up you purchase a F!rosh kit, and by purchasing a F!rosh kit you sign up.

Are there any events can I attend without buying a F!rosh kit?

Yes. You can attend your departmental lunch on Thursday and class on Thursday and Friday. However, neither of these is much fun.

Is there any financial aid for buying a F!rosh kit?

Yes. You can get financial aid by through the F!rosh Week Bursary (need to find a link to this).

My residence-college also wants me to buy their frosh kit. What should I do?

Buy ours, not theirs. It is cheaper, better, and our orientation is the best on campus. Also, I heard your residence-college people say you looked funny! You should get back at them by doing the engineering orientation.

What do I need to bring / wear for F!rosh Week?

Wear old clothes. F!rosh Week can get pretty messy. You might want to dye yourself purple without also dyeing everything you're wearing, so wear an old swimsuit or something similar. Also, wear reasonably comfortable shoes and socks — you'll be doing a lot of walking. Finally, don't forget to dress for the weather, as most of the events are outside. This includes sunblock!

Also, remember to bring your receipt for your F!rosh Kit the morning of!

Things you should NOT bring are: Large bags, valuable items (iPods, Rolexes, PSPs, laptops etc), lunch (you’ll be fed! But you can bring light snacks if you eat a lot). Remember, you will be walking around ALL DAY and we will NOT be providing storage (plus, you will already be carrying your humongous F!rosh Kit)!

Where do I go?

Alright, here we have a map of the UofT campus. There's a big green circle labelled "Front Campus." South of that is Convocation Hall. Meet us outside that building. We'll be the massive crowd.

Do I have to go to every event?

No, but you really should. For one thing, most events start where the previous event ended, so if you skipped an event, you might have trouble finding your group. Or the entire group. Also, every event has some purpose. By going to all of them, you'll learn your way around campus, be in the F!rosh picture, see what the fuss is over the purple dye, and generally meet more people and have more fun.

What's the deal with the exclamation mark in F!rosh?

It's to show you how fun it is - the exclamation couldn't even wait until the end of the word.

I want to know what the first-year calc textbook is, so I can start studying now.

Silly F!rosh.

What if I get hurt?

There will be members of Skule Patrol at every event and with every group. As well, all head leaders will be members of Skule™ Patrol. Skule™ Patrol members are trained in first aid and will have first aid kits. They can be identified by their snazzy armbands and T-shirts.

I have many, many, many more repetitive questions about F!rosh Week

I don't think our orientation team gets enough email, so ask at askorientation@skule.ca